PPC Consultant and Google keep you connected

PPC Consultant in Hawaii Will Use Google To Keep You Connected.

PPC Consultant in Hawaii uses Google to help your business and your customers stay connected.

PPC consultant hiring may be one of the most effective uses of your marketing dollars. A PPC consultant specializes in providing you with innovative, cost effective ideas to keep in touch with your customer base and stay current in their minds when they are searching for your services.

A PPC consultant is as important to your business as your accountant, payroll specialist, and IT service provider. The purpose of a PPC consultant is to guide and advise you as to the best practices for advertising your business online. In today’s marketplace, your online presence is crucial to your bottom line. You trust your accountant to help you make financial decisions involving your company, so why would you leave your online marketing decisions to chance? Consult the experts who understand the way the web works and how today’s shoppers begin their online shopping experiences. The use of a PPC consultant can provide more than just advertising advice- a PPC consultant can:

  • Keep You Connected at all Times
  • Keep Your Business Relevant
  • Minimize your Monetary Waste
  • Maximize Your Marketing Dollars

…And More.

To begin your journey with a PPC consultant you must first determine your business goals. Some businesses wish to grow in size as well as revenue, while others may only wish to grow in revenue and stay local. Additionally, you need to determine how connected you wish to be and whether you are willing and able to make the proper adjustments to staff and space to accommodate your increased revenue. Finally, you need to determine who you think your clientele is and then be open to the consultant’s view of who they think your audience is, and how they shop both online and in person. Once you have made these determinations and realizations, you are ready for your PPC consultant to help you achieve your goals and stay connected to your clients.

Your PPC consultant may not know your industry as well as you do, but he or she knows the internet and Google better than you. This is their industry, after all! This expert will be able to help you cash in on the advantages of online advertising and make it work for you.

Hawaii Forest & Trail and Google in Hawaii

Often times, a business may be active and even profitable for many years and then take their marketing online and see it blossom in a way it never has. This was the case with Hawaii Forest & Trail. In 1993, Rob and Cindy Pacheco founded Hawaii Forest & Trail and Rob was the only tour guide. Since then they have grown to forty employees, a fleet of customized vehicles, and a retail store. Rob and Cindy have cornered the market in interpretive natural-history tours in Hawaii, offering tours of amazing and diverse environments including volcanoes, waterfalls, rainforests, and wildlife refuges. “We want to help guests forge a connection to the nature of Hawaii, so they see that there is more to this place than erupting volcanoes and tall mountains-that it is something worth cherishing, conserving, and sustaining,” says Rob.

PPC Consultant
PPC Consultant

Early on, Hawaii Forest & Trail discovered the need for a website. Now they are mobile and offer travelers on the go opportunity to find them and interact from their mobile devices. In 2011, they started implementing Google AdWords into their advertising campaign. Rob noticed the cost of converting a lead into a customer with AdWords was “significantly less than the cost per call for our print advertising.” Rob has begun to take advantage of numerous Google tools, such as:

  • Google Apps for Business
  • Google Maps
  • Google Sites
  • Hangouts

…And More.

Rob learned that the Google products was the best and most cost effective method of advertising and managing his business. “Moving to the Google ecosystem was the right move for us as a tourism company…Google+, Google Apps for Business, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Sites and Hangouts all come together to give us a powerful way to communicate and internally impacts the bottom line directly.” Rob has found these tools to be crucial to running an efficient business, saving them time and money while still being able to reach a wide range of potential customers. “For a lot of people, a trip to Hawaii is a once-in-a-lifetime experience…it really is up to us to help them make the most of their time here. We take it very seriously.”

PPC Consultant
PPC Consultant

Based on their overall efforts, Hawaii Forest & Trails books over 40,000 customers annually, attributing half of their bookings to online sales. In addition, they have seen a regular annual increase of business of approximately 10-15%. They have even added a zipline business to accommodate the more adventurous travelers.

If Rob were to give one piece of advice to new businesses, he would tell them to get online. “Being on the internet is so integral to controlling our own destiny. It helps us expand our market share and grow our sales directly.”

Google By The Numbers In The State Of Hawaii https://www.google.com/economicimpact/

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful destinations in the United States. It brings Paradise stateside. As a result, its tourism industry is booming. Many entrepreneurs looking to earn a living in paradise flock to Hawaii to take example of its number one import. Therefore, businesses operating in Hawaii must have an extensive reach and be in front of the right people at the right time. Google and its marketing tools can help make this happen.

PPC Consultant
PPC Consultant

Hawaii Forest & Trail is one of many business in Hawaii who benefits from Google’s suite of tools and products. For example:

  • In 2013, Google helped Hawaii businesses, website publishers, and non-profits see $8.23 million of economic activity.      
  • That calculates to 6,600 Hawaii businesses and non-profits benefiting from Google’s tools, such as Adwords and AdSense.
  • Google Ad Grants Program raised $160,000 of free advertising for 7 Hawaii non-profits.

This article was written by the LeAds copywriter team. LeAds is one of the most experienced Google PPC Consultant Agency specializing in Google AdWords and Google SEO in the United States. Please visit our website at https://www.msalesleads.com/request-a-quote/ for more information about making Google SEO and Google AdWords work for your business.

The data in this article was based on the Google USA Report 2013

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