Google Display Ads audience experiment for a New York City digital agency

Google Ads Search case studies

During the month of May 2021 an important digital agency in New York city hired us to run a Google Display Ads audiences experiment to see if we could get campaigns with conversion rates equal or higher than 30% and cost per click equal or lower than$ 0.15

We got the 30% conversion rate but we could not get the $ 0.15 cost per click but we got $ 0.50 cost per click

We designed and launched during the one week experiment 100 campaigns for 100 difference audiences and we got one campaign with 30% conversion rate and $ 0.50 cost per click. We also got two campaigns with 15% conversion rate and $ 0.50 cost per click. All other campaigns had conversion rates between 2% and 15% with cost per click near $ 0.50.

All campaigns were promoting banking, insurance, and finance services in the United States. It looks like the cost per click in the displays ads bidding system is around $ 0.50 for these industries in the United States.

We designed and launched the 100 different audiences campaigns taking advantage of the Google Displays Ads big database for all the different targeting variables: geographic, demographic, affinity audiences, custom audiences and content targeting.


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