What are the top social networks for small businesses?

The top social networks for small businesses are:

  1. Facebook with 2,196 million active accounts
  2. YouTube with 1,900 million active accounts
  3. WhatsApp with 1,500 million active accounts
  4. Instagram with 1,000 million active accounts

Three of these top social networks belong to the Facebook corporations: Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

The other top social network belongs to the Google (Alphabet) corporation: YouTube.

Facebook and Google are the two gorilla game over dominators for social networks. All other vendors are small players in this industry.

Small businesses must execute content and ads campaigns in these top social networks.

These top social networks allow small businesses to create business pages or business profiles, along with personal pages or personal profiles. Small businesses and small businesses owners should have both, individual or personal pages and business pages.

WhatsApp does not offer advertising yet.

Facebook and Instagram offers display advertising. Campaigns can be segmented by geographic locations, age, gender, and interests.

YouTube offers advertising. Campaigns can be segmented by geographic locations, age, gender, and interests.

Small businesses should take advantage of these top four social networks for their content and ads campaigns. These are very effective, efficient, and satisfactory media for content and advertising campaigns.

Advertising campaigns in all cases are display pay per click advertising campaigns, where advertisers only pay for the ads if users click in the ads. Displaying the ad is free of charge, therefore, the branding and top of mind awareness are free of charge. Such a great marketing tool for small businesses to deliver their messages to their targeted audience in their geographic locations.




What are the top social networks for small businesses
What are the top social networks for small businesses



This article was written on October 17, 2018.

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Julio R. Sanoja
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