Google and Facebook Ads for Small Business

Our recommendation to small business: Invest in Google and Facebook Ads. Clicks and lead generation are paid but Top of Mind Awareness is free.

Google and Facebook are the Internet advertising leaders. In 2015 Google revenue was $ 75,000 million and more than 95% of this revenue came from Google advertising product called AdWords. Facebook revenues in 2015 was USD $ 18,000 million and more than 95% of this revenue came from Facebook advertising product called Facebook Ads. There is an oligopoly in the Internet advertising industry. These two companies control the business, and small business can take advantage of this reality.


Small Business
Small Business


The Google advertising product is called “AdWords” and it has two categories, Google AdWords Search and Google AdWords Display. Google AdWords Search is the advertisement that appears on the first page of Google search results highlighted as sponsored. Google AdWords Display is the advertisement that appears at the websites we browse; in text, image or video format; and segmented by age, sex, interests, topic, keywords, and websites addresses. AdWords is an advertising model that is called PPC (Pay Per Click), that is, the advertiser pays Google for advertising only when the user clicks on the ad, otherwise the advertiser does not paid Google for displaying the ad. Top of mind awareness is free. In traditional advertising top of mind awareness is paid.

Google advertising allows companies to be at the top of the search results in their countries when users search for your products or services on Google.

Facebook advertising product is called “Facebook Ads” and it is the advertisement that appears in the Facebook profile pages highlighted as sponsored. It is also a PPC advertising (Pay Per Click), the advertiser pays Facebook for advertising only when the user clicks on the ad. Displaying the ad is free of charge. Top of Mind Awareness is free once again as in Google AdWords.


Small Business
Small Business


Facebook advertising allows small businesses to present their products and services to users on their pages or Facebook profiles. Ads campaigns can be segmented by users according to demographic, personal, social, and psychographic variables such as country , city, sex, age, specific interests, language, level of study, workplace. It is a very effective and efficient advertising for small business, overall for B2C small businesses.

Google AdWords and Facebook Ads investment amounts are very low compared with investment needed to advertise in traditional media such as radio, TV, and print media.

Both Google and Facebook offer advertisers the campaign statistics for advertisers to know all the metrics and measure the return on investment in advertising campaigns.


Small Business
Small Business


Our advice to small businesses is to maintain throughout the year two digital advertising campaigns, one in Google AdWords and the other on Facebook Ads, and thus may reach out to their target audiences with their messages with a low budget.

Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are probably nowadays the most efficient and efficacy advertising available in the market for small businesses.

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This article was written by Julio Sanoja Rial, CEO   & Founder at LeAds, a Digital Marketing Agency for Small Business that you can visit at

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