How to reach new customers in Internet?

By strategically design, build, develop and nurture in a frequent and constant manner the following four major Internet constituents of a digital marketing campaign: media, content, links, and ads.

A digital marketing campaign is based in these 4 major components: media, content, links and ads.



A company or business should have at least the following owned media channels:

  • WordPress website
  • WordPress blog
  • Facebook business page
  • Facebook group page
  • LinkedIn business page
  • LinkedIn group page
  • Google + business page
  • Google community business page
  • Twitter business page
  • Instagram business page
  • Google marketing products: Search Console, Analytics, My Business, AdWords.
  • Email campaign app such as MailChimp

A company or business should also have the following paid media channels:

  • PR campaigns
  • Interview campaigns
  • Sponsored campaigns
  • Branded campaigns


A company or business should produce in a frequent and constant manner, good articles about their products, services and customer’s needs. These articles must be published originally in the company website blog and then posted in the company social owned media channels such as the social network business pages.

You can see in more details how to distribute your articles in the following link:


Links to the company website is an important component in a marketing campaign since it is one of the two major components of a search engine optimization campaign. As Google says, content and links are the two most important variables in the Google search algorithm. Some tactics to get links are the following:

  • Publish your articles in your own social network business pages
  • Publish your articles in websites such as Quora, Reddit, Medium
  • PR Campaigns
  • Interview campaigns
  • Sponsored content campaigns
  • Branded content campaigns
  • Guest blogging campaigns
  • Directories campaigns
  • Contributor content campaigns


How to reach new customers
How to reach new customers

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A company or business ads campaign should have at least the following two advertising campaigns:

  • Google Ads search campaign
  • Google Ads display campaign

Other display campaigns such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn display campaigns can also be executed.

After 2 or 3 years executing these media, content, links, and ads campaigns, your company or business will begin to get qualified leads in a constant and frequent manner. These qualified leads will become customer’s sooner or later. This is how to reach new customers in Internet.


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