Who is the world leader in digital advertising?

Google is the world leader in digital advertising; and Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft, Bing, Skype, Twitter, EBay, Amazon, LinkedIn, and many others, are the followers. Google it.

Aristoteles once said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This sentence is not only philosophical and metaphysical but also physical. It applies to everything that is, and Internet advertising is not the exception.

Google advertising revenue is greater than the sum of its parts advertising revenue. Internet is greater than its parts, and Google advertises in Internet, whereas its competitors, the parts, advertise in the Internet parts, they advertise in their websites and apps only. The sum of the parts will never be greater than the whole.

Google advertises in an open network called Internet, the other companies advertise in their own closed networks, their websites and or apps. Google is an Internet advertising company; the other companies are websites or apps advertising companies.

Google is the gorilla game over dominator in the digital advertising business and Facebook is the second player with no third player near to them.  There is a duopoly established in the advertising business, with Google being the leader in a 4:1 proportion to the second.

Why is Google the leader? Because Google knows the following information about the 4,000 million Internet users: geographic location, age, gender, interests, buying intent. Google also knows the following Internet content information: words, topics, website addresses and website contents. Google sell this information to advertisers worldwide for their advertising campaigns.

No other digital or Internet company knows all this information about Internet users and Internet content. Google knows it all about all the Internet users and about all Internet content. This is the reason behind the Google leadership in the advertising business.

Google knows you better than you do yourself. Google knows your consciousness and your unconsciousness.


World leader in digital advertising
World leader in digital advertising


Let´s see some numbers:

2016 digital advertising revenues by company in USD $ millions:

Google: USD $ 80.000.000

Facebook & Instagram: USD $ 24.000.000

Microsoft, Bing, Skype: USD $ 2.800.000

Twitter: USD $ 2.400.000

EBay: USD $ 1.800.000

Amazon: USD $ 930.000

LinkedIn: USD $ 800.000


Without doubt, Google is the worldwide leader in the digital advertising business. Let´s review additional information about Google, which will help us understand its power and leadership. Google has achieved the following positions in just 20 years of existence:

  • Google is one of the world top 3 most valuable brand.
  • Google is one of the top 3 most valuable company with higher market capitalization.
  • Google is among the top 10 biggest lobbying spender in the U.S.A.
  • Google is among the top 10 R&D spender companies in the world.
  • Google is one of the most innovative and creative companies in the world.
  • Google has one of the largest PhD army in the world. This is Google secret weapon.
  • Google empowers its employees to be creative and innovative.
  • Some Business and Journalism schools in the U.S.A. have already opened courses about Google. For example, the School of Journalism at the Northwestern University recently opened a course titled “Understanding media, Understanding Google”.
  • Google is ranked as one of the best companies to work for.
  • Google search engine is the Internet search engine most used in the world
  • Google Display Network is the largest in the world, reaching more than 90% of Internet users.
  • Google is the largest advertising company in the world.
  • Google owns the largest people advertising big data base in the world. With 4,000 million internet users. Google knows about these 4,000 million internet users the following targeting advertising variables: geographic location, age, gender, interests, buying intent.
  • Google owns the largest content advertising big data base in the world. Google knows the following targeting advertising variables about all the Internet content: words, topics, website addresses, website content.
  • Google advertising product, which gives more than 90% of revenue, is called Google AdWords, and it comes in two versions, Search and Display. Google AdWords Search is the advertising that appears in Google search engine result pages. Google AdWords Display is the advertising that appears in the websites the Internet and Apps users browse.

As we can see, Google is not only the world leader in digital advertising, but Google is also the world leader in many other business matters, such as innovation and creativity.

Google it.

This article was written by Julio Sanoja Rial, CEO & Founder of LeAds, a Google AdWords agency that you can visit at www.msalesleads.com

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